Torneoinarmatura 2017

Torneonarmatura 2017


Do you want to live and breathe the splendour and magnificence of the Italian Renaissance?

Now you can, thanks to the Famaleonis association whose members will revive the rituals and the display of strength and power in the luxurious setting of a Tournament in Armour.

The splendour of the Italian Renaissance will boss the show on 01 and 02 July, when the San Leo fortress will host the “TORNEO IN ARMATURA” event . 

You will see the fights, the power of the armour shining in the sun, the masters of ceremony busy hosting great banquets, the delegations of the men-at-arms with their painted coats of arms, flags and shields, the clarions and musicians delighting the audience, the jester entertaining the children.

It is an event not to be missed!

All you have ever imagined and read in history books will come to life at the San Leo fortress, one of the most beautiful and best preserved Italian monuments.