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Men At Arms

In the second half of the fifteenth century the tournament went from being an expression of the art of chivalry and courage to being the representation and assertion of one’s social status. Tournaments took place on the occasion of particular celebrations and were often sponsored by the great lords of the time to celebrate a wedding or an alliance (the two things often coincided).

The participants were the young standard-bearers of the city’s most important families and, in many cases, also the men-at-arms of the various lineages of leaders who represented their lord. TOURNAMENTS usually took place on horseback (and were officially called JOUSTS), but they could also take place among MEN-AT-ARMS on foot.


colleoni Colleoni

Giorgio dei Carminati Esule di Brembilla
Event 2014/2015/2016
2015/2016 Champion
2016 King of Honour

Compagnia d'Arme del Carro - Solza

ordelaffi Ordelaffi

Albertino dei Merendi
Event 2014/2015/2016
2015 King of Honour

Associazione Culturale Famaleonis - Forlì

Sforza Montefeltro

Uberio dei Montanari
Event 2016
2016 King of Love

Associazione Culturale Famaleonis - Forlì


Sforza Sforza

Cristiano dei Ricci
Event 2014/2015/2016

Associazione Culturale Famaleonis - Forlì

malatesta Malatesta

Filippo di Messer Ettore dei Vannini
Event 2014/2015/2016
2015 King of Love

Compagnia di San Martino - Rimini

Sforza Luxembourg e Savoie-Lusignan

Pierre de Luxembour
Event 2016

Associazione Artemis - Chambery (FR)
Chateau de Morges