TORNEOINARMATURA is an event which re-enacts a TOURNAMENT ON FOOT IN CLOSED FIELD in a time period between 1450 and 1480. Each delegation represents a Lordship or a family (either Italian or foreign). The event is not only a sports fight, but even includes everything that revolves around it: the display of the man-at-arms's martial strength, gleaming in his armour, as well as the wealth of his delegation, demonstrated by their clothes and accessories, which were once the symbol of the power of the family they represented. This edition of TORNEOINARMATURA, which will take place on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October 2019, is dedicated exclusively to re-enactors. It will be closed to the public, rendering the event even more special. The location is a few minutes' drive from the highway exit in Forlì, in a wildlife area where an ancient fifteenth-century monastery can be found. The monastery has been completely restored and its large rooms and cloister will host the tournament ceremony. The big campo di Marte is where the men-at-arms and the servants will fight.

To cover the event's expenses, a subscription fee is required.
The organizers will review each request and reserve the right to accept those which satisfy the requested standards.

Please make sure any handmade objects (i.e. armour, clothes or equipment) both for personal or shared use, can be verified with documentation (pictures, texts, historical artifacts), in compliance with the period considered.

Click the link below for some of the key rules you need to follow if you wish to take part in the event:

If you need further information please send an email to:

The deadline for sending registration requests is May 1, 2022..


In accordance with the CURRENT regulations on the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, for participation in the event, the organizers require guests to comply with the following legal provisions.

A complete vaccination has to be proven by an adequate proof (EU-Digital COVID certificate).
If only one vaccination is required due to a past infection, proof of past infection (EU Digital COVID Certificate, Positive PCR test result) must also be provided.
Recovered participants also need a positive PCR test result as proof, which must not be older than 6 months at the time of admission.
Tested participants need a negative antigen test result, which must not be older than 48 hours at the time of admission.

The organizer collects contact details from all participants in order to be able to inform those affected in the unlikely event of a COVID-19 outbreak.
The collection and processing is exclusively for the purpose of infection control, all collected data will be destroyed by the organizer one month after the event.
Should an outbreak occur, the organizer is obligated to forward the data to the local health department.
This document may be modified or replaced on the basis of changed conditions imposed by any regulatory changes.
(last update 08/11/2021)



Representative of a powerful family or house of the era.
The delegation must be made up of at least:
Man-at-arms with full amor datable to the historical period between 1450 and 1480 with experience in historical fencing
A dame to accompany the Man-at-Arms during the ceremonies
A family member to help the Man-at-arms during Tournament activities and possibly to participate in the squire torunament.
A Herald to present the Man-at-arms, his dame and his lordship during the ceremonies
Up to 6 people per delegation.

Seats are limited to 8 delegations

Registration includes:
The Man-at-arms and Dame at the center of all event Ceremonies.
Meals on Saturday and Sunday (excluding dinner on Sunday)
The Man-at-arms and Dame will be part of the Lordship banquet.
The Grand Banquet on Saturday evening.
Accommodation in the palace.
Participation in the Man-at-arms Tournament in the fenced area.
Opportunity for a family member to participate in the Squire's Tournament..
Opportunity to participate in the voting of the KING OF LOVE.
Opportunity to use photographic materials from the event.


You will experience the TOURNAMENT IN ARMOUR within this wonderful event.
Limited seats.

Registration includes:
Meals on Saturday and Sunday (excluding dinner on Sunday)
The Grand Banquet on Saturday evening.
Accommodation in the palace


Only selected merchants who produce and sell historically documentable artifacts will be allowed.
Based on the location, a space inside the event area will be assigned to the merchant.
Limited seats.

Registration includes:
Meals on Saturday and Sunday (excluding dinner on Sunday)
The Grand Banquet on Saturday evening.
Accommodation in the palace


It will also be possible to participate in this experience as an individual re-enactor, soldier or civilian by helping the organization.
Limited seats.