This enclosed ARMOURED TOURNAMENT does not aim to be an end in itself, let alone a mere sports event. The goal is that of re-enacting a mid-/late fifteenth-century tournament on foot as accurately as possible. To avoid misunderstandings, the participants will be called MEN-AT-ARMS, a title which is historically appropriate to the role they will have.
Documentation regarding armoured tournaments is scarce, if not totally nonexistent. Big tournaments took place on horseback, but for obvious reasons, it is impossible for us to undertake such an endeavour. Therefore, the rules have been taken from some more or less known documents, some of which concerning battles on horseback, and which have been logically adapted to fit our context and the goals we wish to achieve, while also taking into consideration the participants' safety.
Last but not least, it is a HISTORICAL REENACTMENT and, meaning that, despite its unique aspects, it must abide by all the rules required to take part in the events organized by FAMALEONIS, which can be found at the links below:
in Italian:
in English:


Participation in the event is BY INVITATION ONLY. To take part in the TOURNAMENT it is necessary to request the registration form and, therefore, be invited by the organizers.
Participation in TORNEOINARMATURA is open to all those who want to take part in a one-of-a-kind event.
You can request the registration form at the following address:, either in Italian or in English, by filling in the specific form and attaching some pictures of the equipment that will be used.
After a series of contacts with the organizers, the material collected will be submitted to a commission that will decide whether to accept the registration.
By registering, the participants accept the rules of the event and of the TOURNAMENT.
When registering, the PARTICIPANTS must fill in the registration form fully.


It is possible to register as a group or individual reenactor.
According to the kind of members, the groups can represent a specific delegation to have access to all or only some of the competitions:

CASATA - It represents a powerful family or dynasty of the time. The delegation must be composed of the following members:
- One man-at-arms who will take part in the tournament
- One lady who will accompany the man-at-arms at the ceremonies
- One or more servants who will help the man-at-arms with tournament activities and help the delegation at the ceremonies. He/They may take part in the servant tournament.
- One herald who will introduce the man-at-arms, his lady and his helpers at the ceremonies.

CONDOTTIERO - He represents a leader or a man-at-arms. The delegation must be composed of the following members:
- One man-at-arms who will take part in the tournament.
- One or more servants to help the man-at-arms with tournament activities and help the delegation at the ceremonies. He/they may take part in the servant tournament.
- One herald who will introduce the man-at-arms at the ceremonies.
He will not take part in the KING OF LOVE and cannot gain the KING OF HONOUR's favour.

AMBASCIATORE - he officially represents a dynasty.
The delegation must be composed of the following members:
- One ambassador/nobleman.
- One lady who will accompany the ambassador at the ceremonies.
- One or more servants who will protect and serve the ambassador and his delegation, and who can take part in the servant tournament.
- One herald who will introduce the ambassador, his lady and his helpers at the ceremonies.
He will not take part in the MAN AT ARMS TOURNAMENT.


It will also be possible to participate in this experience as an individual re-enactor, merchant, soldier or civilian by helping the organization.

All delegations must take part in the ceremonies set up for the event.


If you want to register for the event, please request the registration form by email at, including the number and type of delegation.
Once the registration has been approved by the event organizers, it will be considered valid only upon payment of the registration fee(s). Payment details will be provided.
Registration fees for the tournament:
€ 100.00 for the man-at-arms (including participation in the men-at-arms tournament)
€ 75.00 for the ambassador or nobleman leading a delegation
€ 50.00 for all the other reenactors.
€ 25.00 to register for the Servant Tournament. Fees include participation in the event, meals on Saturday (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Sunday (breakfast and lunch), stay where the event will take place and the opportunity to take advantage of the advertising that the event will generate, both to the individual and the association they belong to. The last date for registration is 1st August. Registrations will be open until the maximum number of participants has been reached.


The event will start with the muster and all participants must show up wearing their historical costume.
It will start at 9 am on Saturday 19th October and will end on Sunday 20th October at 7 pm at the latest.
The rules concerning HISTORICAL REENACTMENT events, which can be found at the aforementioned links, will be valid THROUGHOUT the event.
We especially wish to remind you to be faithful to the historical period both with your behaviour and the roles you will have, thus avoiding a behaviour which is not relevant to the period or using modern objects.
The organizers will be at the event on Friday 18th October to set everything up and we invite the DELEGATIONS to do the same to facilitate space setup and allocation. The participants will have the possibility to stay on the premises on Sunday night (20th October) as well, so as to easily leave the following morning.
The participants will be given the full programme, including all the activities, no later than one month before the start of the event.


The event is based on precise reenactment rules, which are imposed by the organizers: upon request, each participant must provide the documents concerning equipment, clothes, objects and accessories used, so that they can be APPROVED by the organizers.
This is why maximum diligence in making the equipment is required and must be in line with each participant's role and place of origin.


Each DELEGATION shall have at least one STANDARD, whose shape and craftsmanship can be traced, bearing the coat of arms and colours of the lord it represents.
The men-at-arms shall also have a PLAQUE or PARADE SHIELD depicting their personal coat of arms or that of the lord they represent.
Made up or untraceable coat of arms or seals are not allowed.


The KING OF HONOUR is the man-at-arms holding the title. He will be at the TOURNAMENT and will represent it in all related ceremonies.
During each battle, the KING OF HONOUR will have the possibility to donate 1 POINT to another man-at-arms.


The KING OF LOVE is a man-at-arms who will be elected during the TOURNAMENT by the judges and the ladies at the event based on his posture and that of his entourage, as well as the equipment displayed at the TOURNAMENT.
Voting will take place using a special form given to each voter.
The KING OF LOVE will be elected and awarded a prize at the end of the event.


The event will have ample online coverage.
The website, in both Italian and English, introduces the project and the setup, and includes a description about the tournament and its participants, along with pages containing pictures, and personal/historical information. Information about the event will also be available via FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. The delegations can request the pictures taken at the event for internal and/or promotional use.


If you want to keep up to date with the event, please visit the TORNEOINARMATURA facebook page and the website For more information on the rules and the event, please contact the event organizers at the following email address: FAMALEONIS, on facebook at FAMALEONIS and TORNEOINARMATURA or by phone at (0039) 347 5107920 (also whatsapp).