Poi fo hordinata la giostra de scodieri novi,
ciò è de la sua famiglia che mai non avea giostrato …

The tournament is open to all registered males who send their participation request by 1 OCTOBER 2022 to the email address:
Participants will be named SCODIERI NOVI, a title that historically suits the role that will be represented.

Scodieri Novi Tournament Rules


For the tournament Prize of the SCODIERI NOVI we decided to make a necklace with pendant.

In the 15th century, necklaces were often used as a symbol of membership to noble or knightly orders. This is why the prize will not only indicate the winner of the tournament but also the very entrance of the SCODIERO within the setting of the men-at-arms, thus being able to bear the name “SIGNORE”.

The model designed and made by LABORTEMPORIS ( consists of a silver chain with a gold-plated silver pendant depicting St. George and the dragon, symbol of the tournament and patron saint of soldiers.




How to partecipate?