Scodieri Novi tournament rules

Poi fo hordinata la giostra de scodieri novi, ciò è de la sua famiglia che mai non avea giostrato …

Participants will be named SCODIERI NOVI, a title that historically suits the role that will be represented.


The group of judges is made up of the MAESTRO DI CAMPO and the FIELD JUDGES. The MAESTRO DI CAMPO is the one who will be inside the FENCE, declares VICTORY of the SCODIERO, keeps score of the points awarded by the Judges and settles decisions when judges are in doubt. The FIELD JUDGES will ensure that the battles are carried out in a good away, signal points and infractions. The verdict by the judges is irrevocable.


The required head, hands and torso equipment must be made in the same shape, style and material as documented during the period between 1450 and 1490. Any other type of protection is optional.


The SCODIERI must compete using two types of weaponry, CLUB and SHIELD or LONG LANCE.
The CLUB must be made of WOOD, entirely rounded, 25/30 mm in diameter, 65/70 cm long.
The SHIELD must be perfectly ROUND, 65/70 cm in diameter, and must be covered in fabric and/or leather.
The LONG LANCE must be made of WOOD, entirely rounded, 25/30 mm in diameter and 190/200 cm in length.
Upon request, weapons can be supplied by the organization.


The tournament will take place Sunday morning. At the call of the SCODIERI, each participant must show the FIELD MASTER and his OFFICIALS their weapons and equipment they plan to use during the TOURNAMENT.
The FIELD MASTER will determine if the equipment presented complies with the requirements and the SCODIERO can participate in the tournament.


Matches are drawn automatically in case of an odd number. If the defending champion is present, he will automatically pass to the next round.
If he is not present, the SCODIERO of the KING OF HONOR will automatically pass to the next round; if he isn’t present, the SCODIERO of the KING OF LOVE will automatically pass to the next round; if he isn’t present either, someone will be selected at random.
When it’s time for the match, the SCODIERI will be called to the table with the NOTARY.
The DAME of the KING OF LOVE will cast a die to indicate which weapon will be used to fight:


The judges will call the SCODIERI “ALLO STECCATO” .
The SCODIERO will approach the entrance to the fence, where he will be given a coloured band.
He will then move to his chosen side.
The first call will be given the COLOUR RED and will have the right to choose which corner of the field to go to.


The Maestro di Campo, in agreement with the other officials, will give the signal to start the battle by yelling “ALLA BATTAGLIA” (fight!).
At the referee’s STOP signal or if the MAESTRO DI CAMPO puts himself or his sword between the two contestants, they must stop and go to their respective corners.
The MAESTRO DI CAMPO will notify the NOTARY of the point, while the HERALD of the family which has been awarded the point will notify the audience.


The SCODIERI are expected to maintain a respectful manner towards opponents and judges.
The SCODIERI are expected to respect all decisions made by the JUDGES without complaining or arguing, under the penalty of being reprimanded or excluded from the TOURNAMENT.


All COMPLETED HITS will be considered valid, from the shoulders to the knees and from the shoulders to the elbow.
The CLUB can also be used to hit the top of the helmet (hit propelled from top to bottom).
Hits to the HEAD of strictly forbidden with the LANCE.
Each completed hit is worth 1 POINT.
COMPLETED HITS are intended as hits made with the blade in regards to both the point of the CLUB and the LANCE.
Points are signalled by the referee using a hand raise.
In case of simultaneous hits, points will only be given if the same are given within 2-3 seconds of the referee’s whistle.


Every 2 warnings, a point will be given to the opponent and the warnings will be reset at the end of each battle.
The following behaviours are subject to warning:
a) Intentional LANCE hits made with parts other than the tip.
b) The SCODIERO loses the weapon.
c) The SCODIERO touches the fence.
d) The SCODIERO miglio falls to the ground.
e) Blocking or shielding the opponent's weapon with parts of the body. Intentional hits to the prohibited parts of the body will be reprimanded with the DEFEAT of the BATTLE.
Any behaviour considered unsportsmanlike by the MAESTRO DI CAMPO in regards to the judges or opponent will be reprimanded with a warning or penalty.
If said behaviour continues, the MAESTRO DI CAMPO will decide whether or not to reprimand the participant with a DEFEAT in the BATTLE or in more serious cases exclusion from the TOURNAMENT (eviction).


Victory will be awarded to the first participant to win 3 points.
In case of a draw, the battle will continue until one of the two participants wins one point over his opponent.


The MAESTRO DI CAMPO will notify the CONESTABILE of the end of the battles.
The NOTARY will go to the CONESTABILE, tell him who the winner is and then go back to his table.
The CONSTABLE goes to the center of the fence and invites all participants to the center, announces the winner, the LADIES of the KING OF LOVE will deliver the PRIZE to the Winner.

How to partecipate?