Prize of the King of Love

By Labortemporis Marco di Sarò

The prize, made and offered by Marco Di Sarò of LABORTEMPORIS atelier, is the replica of a pendant kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The pendant, of Italian origin, probably belonging to the Lombardy goldsmith's art, dates back to the second half of the XV century.

The replica, made of golden and silver bronze, was made with goldsmith techniques dating back to this period.

According to scholars, the pendant is part of a pair of pendants and was probably given as an engagement present.

On one side two lovers are engraved, on the other side, there's the religious engraving IHS, which is typical of this kind of jewels and often used to bless the object's owner.

This work of art, made by Marco Di Sarò in his Atelier LABORTEMPORIS, is a unique piece created especially for this event.
The Atelier comes from his owner's passion for History. Di Sarò is well-known throughout Europe for his outstanding works of art ranging from the ancient times to the First World War. His production stands out for its top-quality works on commission.

The possibility to give the KING OF LOVE such a high-quality replica shows the uniqueness and attention to detail which characterizes this event.

We are also proud of the fact that the maker of this prize is a young ITALIAN craftsman known all over EUROPE.


A very special Thank to CENTRO LINGUISTICO CESENA di Silvia Fabbri for the translation of this article from Italian to English.


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